Gravity Big Block Walls

Gravity “Big Block” Retaining Walls

“Big Block” style retaining walls are super versatile for municipal projects, commercial developments, and heavy highway loading. Large wet-cast concrete blocks offer a more efficient solution than their smaller dry-cast counterparts. Bigger blocks mean bigger savings in design, manufacturing, & construction.

Efficiency in Design & Construction

“Big Block” walls like StoneStrong allow Elevate Engineers to utilize a true gravity wall design which eliminates costly granular backfill. Removing the expensive backfill also removes the cost of the materials & specialized labor without sacrificing sustainability. Partnering with Elevate Engineers in the early stages of development can help lower the delivered cost of design & construction. Call on Elevate to:

  • Provide preliminary drawings for planning & construction estimates
  • Estimate construction budgets
  • Recommend best practices for retaining wall design & construction
  • Assist with retaining wall technical specifications


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