MSE Panel & Wire Walls

Mechanically Stabilized Earth Retaining Walls

When Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Walls are on your project’s critical path, Elevate Infrastructure is here to help navigate you towards success. We understand MSE Walls are more than just concrete, steel, and rocks. They’re the first step in building a bridge, connecting communities, and restoring American Infrastructure.

Built on History. Driven By Innovation.

Elevate Infrastructure serves the contractors and DOT’s responsible for designing and building our nation’s transportation systems by engineering, manufacturing, and delivering mechanically stabilized earth systems. MSE walls have been constructed in America for over 50 years; why? Because they are incredibly versatile and sustainable. They have been deployed in bridge structures, roadways, dams, hydroelectric plants, slope stabilizations, flyovers, quarry crushers, and much more! No matter if they have precast panels or a welded wire face, MSE walls offer a wide range of benefits to the traveling public:

  • As a coherent gravity structure, they can handle large loads efficiently, even with poor foundations
  • Galvanized steel soil reinforcements (Elevate Ladder Strips) offer long term sustainability and structural stability
  • Construction is reliable, consistent, predictable, and repeatable
  • Precast panels also double as a canvas for aesthetic considerations
  • MSE structures can accommodate a wide range of top-treatments including parapets, noise walls, crash walls, etc.
  • Walls can be designed to last for generations

With Elevate Infrastructure’s vast supply network, precast panels & steel soil reinforcements can be affordability-sourced in a timely manner no matter where your project is located. We understand your project is more than just a wall. It’s a means to deliver on your promises and take pride in your work. Partnering with Elevate Infrastructure for Mechanically Stabilized Earth Structures gives you the benefits of:

  • A communicative, hands-on team committed to helping you execute on your scope of work
  • A team of engineers & project managers who understand the importance of constructibility & transparency
  • A company founded on building relationships as well as retaining walls


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