Post & Panel Walls

Post & Panel Walls

Post and Panel Retaining Walls offer an alternative solution to grade separation when right-of-way or excavation limits are restricting elements. Elevate Infrastructure has developed an innovative set of design standards to handle a wide range of loading criteria with steel support beams and precast facing panels. When modular construction and compacted backfill are not viable solutions, Post & Panel Walls can save time and money by utilizing on-site soils and employing full-height construction.

A More Efficient Alternative

Oftentimes cut walls are designed as cast-in-place structures with deep footings, mass-concrete pours, and single-sided forming. In these situations, installing a Post and Panel Wall designed by Elevate Infrastructure offers an efficient alternative. When an existing building, right-of-way, or other structure impedes the ability to excavate for a traditional retaining wall, a Post and Panel Wall by Elevate offers a more affordable means of meeting your grade lines as well as your project completion dates. When measured against the typical cast-in-place structures designed in these situations, Elevate’s Post & Panel Walls:

  • Offer a means of speedy full-height construction with minimal equipment requirements
  • Eliminate expensive cast-in-place materials & logistics
  • Decrease the amount of time spent on site
  • Allow for vertical construction
  • Eliminate expensive granular backfill requirements
  • Precast panels allow for a wider range of aesthetic considerations

With Elevate Infrastructure’s vast supply network, Post and Panel Retaining Walls can be affordability-sourced in a timely manner no matter where your project is located. We understand your project is more than just a wall. It’s a means to deliver on your promises and take pride in your work. Partnering with Elevate Infrastructure to engineer and manufacture Post and Panel walls gives you the benefits of:

  • A communicative, hands-on team committed to helping you execute on your scope of work
  • A team of engineers & project managers who understand the importance of constructibility & transparency
  • A company founded on building relationships as well as retaining walls


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