Precast Counterfort Walls

Precast Counterfort Retaining Walls

The true innovation behind Elevate’s Precast Counterfort wall is the accelerated construction afforded by the use of on-site backfill, full-height construction, and prefabricated modular structural members. While traditional retaining wall systems stabilize select granular backfill with soil reinforcing elements like steel strips or geogrid, the Elevate Precast Counterfort Wall System provides an extremely stiff and sustainable design without the use of soil reinforcements and select granular fill.

Innovation for Today’s Infrastructure

The speed, sustainability, efficiency, and versatility inherent in our Precast Counterfort Wall System is also characteristic of the team at Elevate Infrastructure. We partner with engineers and contractors to provide design and estimating services for use in site development. We also pride ourselves on working together with contractors to ensure a smooth, on-time construction schedule.

All of the structural members of the wall are prefabricated at a local precast facility. Each wall segment has two components—a precast base and a precast face. Once the base is set on grade, the full height face panel is installed. After the two components are grouted together, the only thing left to do is place backfill to finished grade. Here are some of the reasons why contractors & engineers choose Precast Counterfort Walls:

  • Wall construction is more than 3x faster compared to other modular wall systems
  • Select granular fill is NOT required in the backfill zone
  • Lack of steel soil reinforcements makes Precast Counterfort ideal for railway design
  • Customizable design easily navigates issues like utilities, right-of-way, and bearing
  • Excavation limits are far less than other modular wall systems
  • Face panels are full height and span from bottom of wall to top of grade
  • Large precast facing units allow for formliners & other aesthetic considerations

With Elevate Infrastructure’s vast supply network, Precast Counterfort Retaining Walls can be affordability-sourced in a timely manner no matter where your project is located. We understand your project is more than just a wall. It’s a means to deliver on your promises and take pride in your work. Partnering with Elevate Infrastructure to engineer and manufacture Precast Counterfort walls gives you the benefits of:

  • A communicative, hands-on team committed to helping you execute on your scope of work
  • A team of engineers & project managers who understand the importance of constructibility & transparency
  • A company founded on building relationships as well as retaining walls

    Counterfort wall system


    Our precast counterfort retaining wall is structurally and sustainably designed to retain clay or soil backfill, eliminating the need to haul off “unsuitable” material and the costs associated with expensive aggregates.

    Utilities Are No Problem

    The counterforts on our precast retaining walls extend about 50% as far as typical stems and 25% as far as MSE straps. Easily able to accommodate various utilities with our system.


    Proven, simple precast counterfort design provides excellent stiffness to minimize settlement without relying on tedious install techniques or friction on straps or stems.


    “Belt and suspender” or tapered and bonded connections that are completely protected from the elements are integrated in our precast counterfort retaining walls.

    Unique Design

    Unique design featuring extendable “toe” in front of the wall that reduces bearing pressure and minimizes undercuts with our precast counterfort retaining wall.

    Onsite Production

    Typical 200-300 square feet, full-height unit speeds production on site while minimizing joints for a clean aesthetic.

    Noise Abatement Wall Extension

    Additional 20 or 25 foot noise abatement extensions available.


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